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Welcome to Ilgenfritz-Electronics GmbH & Co. KG, welcome from your experts for the Tuning of agricultural utility vehicles, tractor tunings and state-of-the-art electronics. We would like to invite you to get an overview of our offerings with respect to performance tuning, consumption optimization, clustering for agricultural tractors, haulers and harvester-threshers.

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Velocity variation for John Deere harvesters series S + T

Velocity variation for John Deere harvesters series S + T

Have you already heard? We can increase the final velocity of your harvester of the series

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PTP box on loan for your harvester

Resign unnecessary standstill of your harvester of the series S + T with the help of our PTP box on loan.

For this purpose, easily install the softw

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REMAN – renewed electronics at a favorable price!

REMAN electronic systems are repaired second-hand devices which were technically checked by us. Those electronic systems are cheaper than new items an

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Please note that the sales and installation of the parts listed here are independent of the tractor companies (e.g. John Deere, Fendt, Claas, etc.) and that the activities are not advocated or supported by the tractor companies (e.g. John Deere, Fendt, Claas, etc.).


Repair and customized electronics

In addition to the performance segment "Development of agricultural electronics", we are also specializing in defective electronic boxes from manufacturers for agricultural machines, currently especially John Deere vehicles. In addition, we support companies in the development of their electronics and we offer customized electronics for their mechanical products - this can include tractors, harvester-threshers or other agricultural machines and utility vehicles.

Please call us if you have questions about our performance portfolio. We look forward to your inquiry and to a successful cooperation.

Tooling for agricultural machines - tractors, harvester-threshers, etc.

The term tuning is not limited to motor tuning.  We focus on the intelligent optimization of your agricultural machines (tractors, harvester-threshers, etc.). This increases your work efficiency, which gives you more time for your core business. Fast optimization starts with the small stuff:  Routine activities often require several motions, which must be repeated continuously. The combination and bundling of these steps results in a significant simplification and acceleration of the work.
In addition, we are experts in engine optimization, speed and chip tuning as well as consumption optimization and therefore in fuel-saving for the agricultural sector (especially tractors and harvester-threshers). We focus on the many solutions for man and machines, which are relevant for day to day activities. This not only saves your time and work activities but it also saves your resources and reduces your TÜV or DEKRA fees. The following is important to us: Safety is our first priority during our development activities.

Distribution of the tuning sets

Starting on May 1, 2009, we now sell a part of our products directly, as well as through Ernst Degenhart GmbH, Degenhart-Landtechnik, Degenhart-Systeme, www.degenhart-systeme.de, degenhart-systeme.de, a company with headquarters in  Holzgünz-Schwaighausen. In addition, we have assumed the support of the directly distributed parts from Degenhardt. We would also be pleased to assume the support for the electronic parts distributed by Degenhart-Systeme, Degenhart-Landtechnik, Ernst Degenhart GmbH. This opens up new avenues to better satisfy customer requirements and to react quickly in case of failures! We look forward to your contact!
The fuel consumption of the machines is an important issue for all diesel engines due to the continuously increasing fuel prices. In addition to the effective diesel saving fuel consumption meters, we also offer fuel consumption measurements and fuel consumption meters, also called flow meters. This measurement device can be used in all diesel vehicles, however, it is mainly used in agricultural machines by manufacturers such as John Deere, Fendt, Deutz, New Holland, Claas, Case, Steyr, Valtra, Massey Ferguson, JCB, MC Cormick, telescope loaders, etc. and construction machines such as excavators, wheel loaders, caterpillars, trucks, concrete mixers, forklifts, etc. In addition, it is possible to measure the exact diesel, heating oil or bio diesel consumption in biogas systems, biogas engines, BHKW and biogas generators.
Agricultural machine manufacturers such as John Deere, Fendt, Deutz, New Holland, Claas, Case, Steyr, Valtra, Massey Ferguson, JCB, MC Cormick, etc., do not look favorably on engine tuning, also called chip tuning, for tractors, harvester-threshers, etc. The optimization of ugly console machines is often not the focus but an avid arms race with "Bulldogs". In accordance with the statements of some agricultural machine manufacturers, some participants have made a"hobby" of overloading the engines and transmissions of the tractors or harvester-threshers. And finally: Many chip tuning manufacturers only purchase their products or develop their assemblies in ivory towers.
We always adapt our chip tuning for agricultural machines and vehicles individually to the object and we develop it directly for and in tractors and harvester-threshers. This experience and the continuous work on the equipment result in our much appreciated tuning sets. Since October 2009, we cooperate with AGROSystem, Agrosystem.cc, www.agrosystem.cc, agro-system, agro-system.cc and we present a very strong team for the tuning of products! This is why we can now offer the newest injection tuning technology, which does not generate any errors in the machine and which allows you to call up performances as never before experienced from the machines. The additional power is not dependent - it will not inject it "blindly", as may be the case for cheaper tuning sets as provided by Degenhart, Degenhart-Systeme, Degenhart Landtechnik, Ernst Degenhart GmbH, Speedhawk, Speedbuster, Chipstar, Chipstar.ch, Wenning Automotive, Wenning, Wenning.de, Speed-buster, speed-buster.de, chip-tuning.at, www.dieselbob.co.uk, dieselbob, www.tsdieselperformance.com, tsdieselperformance, etc. In most cases, these are the same electronics and the same software. which are produced by one manufacturer and which are only sold under a different name. Benefit by using our systems, which were not developed based on  motor cars but especially for agricultural applications!

We can offer the following:
John Deere chip, John Deere tuning, John Deere performance increase, John Deere all real control, John Deere TLS switch off, John Deere diesel measurement, John Deere consumption measurement, John Deere fuel consumption meter, John Deere hydraulics remote control, John Deere control unit remote control, John Deere common rail, John Deere speed module, John Deere speed reduction, John Deere HMS, John Deere VMS, John Deere Vorgewende Management System (VMS = headland management system, John Deere repair, John Deere electronics, John Deere rotary speed control