Tuning von Traktor und landwirtschaftlichen Fahrzeuge | Leistungstuning, Verbrauchsoptimierung, Clustering

Performance tuning

Who does not know the problem: Extreme conditions require a special output from your tractor, harvester-thresher or other agricultural equipment and vehicle. However, this does not justify the acquisition of a new "Bulldog". In this case, the prudent tuning sets or tuning chips from Ilgenfritz Electronics provide excellent services.

For example, we achieve a power increase of up to 20% for electronic injection pumps for tractors. Such an optimization does not only provide more power for the agricultural machine but it also results in fuel savings of up to 20% for each operating hour. In numbers, this represents one to seven liters! This amortizes your Ilgenfritz Electronics motor tuning in a very short period. In short, this means: more power and torque moment for your tractor, harvester-thresher or agricultural machine. After acquisition, the Ilgenfritz electonics should be installed by a specialized workshop and should be adjusted with the help of an engine brake to adjust the chip tuning perfectly to your machine. The tractor software will not be changed, which means that your tuning is maintained after a software update of the engine software.