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Our website is updated continuously but the case may occur that your desired purchase or repair article hasn’t been recorded yet.

Therefore, we ask you to contact us if you can’t find your desired product. Just write a short inquiry by e-mail to for repair inquiries and to for all other inquiries or call us on +49 9333 90413-0.


New Holland keypad (for self exchange)

You’ve got the possibility to change the keypad of your New Holland dashboard by yourself. Thereby, you save the costs for a new item as well as the repair costs.

Use our special offer – only while stocks last.

repair-catalogue 2015 - Price Increase

Dear customer,

due to increased purchase prices we are unfortunately
also forced to raise our sales prices.
The new repair prices are valid from 20th April 2015*.
We ask for your understanding.

Your Ilgenfritz-Electronics team

*The new repair prices apply for packages which arrive as of 20th April 2015. 

Price increases also apply for sent devices such as:
John Deere ECU L12, Balemaster Monitor, BIF graphic display (display exchange),
Rau Quantron TX

Motor Tuning for Massey Ferguson series now available

Following Models: MF 3625, MF 3630, MF 3635, MF 3640, MF 3650, MF 3660, MF 5608, MF 5609, MF 5610

Motor Tuning for John Deere 5M series now available

Repair Alpha DeLaval Milkmeter

We repair your Alpha DeLaval Milkmeter for a fixed Price!

Please contact us if you have any questions!

Repair Turbocharger valve actuator

We repair your John Deere Turbocharger valve actuator for a fixed Price!

Typical errors are the loss of communication with the engine control unit (ECU).

Please contact us if you have any questions!


Optimum adaptations require special tools. One of the newest and most operator friendly tools is the Genius Flash tool. It makes reading and writing the engine control via the OBD jack possible (service jack). We provide adapter cables, which fit the service jack directly, for almost all vehicle types.

A touch display is used for the operation and it is completely menu oriented.
This tool is best qualified for workshops, which want to perform the optimization in the control unit in-house and which do not want to have waiting times (shipping time) for this equipment. The performance improvement or the optimization of the machine can even be performed during the harvest time.

Please read more here…