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What is the best tuning for my engine?

In principle it can be assumed that rail pressure tuning (the tuning is not only inserted at the rail pressure sensor) is not recommended for new machines. These tuning sets (including the ostensibly fully digital tuning boxes) only distort the rail pressure delivered to the control unit.

This can be visualized as follows:
The pressure sensor measures 1800 bar rail pressure, however, the tuning box pretends that the pressure sensor only measures 1500 bar when it addresses the engine control unit. This results in a situation where the engine control unit compensates the actual pressure by the "undelivered" difference and the actual rail pressure is now 2100 bar!!!

This pressure, which is much too high, increases the wear of the injectors and the high-pressure pump must work against a pressure that is much too high. 
The results can be very expensive for the owner of an engine considering that the injector prices are approximately €600/unit. If the high-pressure pump must also be replaced, then another €1000 have to be added.

For state-of-the-art machines we therefore recommend a high end a rail injector tuning or an optimization of the engine software characteristic diagrams.
Both technologies do not overload the injection systems and it is guaranteed that injections do not take place after the OT.

Should I order the high-end rail injector tuning or the software optimization for my machine?

As everything else both options have their advantages and disadvantages. However, we leave the decision for the right system to you. Technically, both systems are of equal value.

The following lists briefly the strengths and weaknesses:

Software optimization in the engine control unit:

  • Optimization not visible from the outside
  • An additional control unit is not required
  • A software update of the original software overwrites the tuning

High-end rail injector additional control unit:

  • Can be replaced at any time
  • Can be readjusted at any time
  • Software updates of the original software can be executed without problems at any time

What are the consequences of tuning/optimization of an engine?

The manufacturers warranty, the general operating permission (ABE) and the insurance protection all expire after the injection system has been changed - independent of the type of change.
The new power of your car/your engine can be entered into the vehicle certification. An acceptance certificate by TÜV guarantees that the implemented changes with our in additional control units are permitted.

Does my tractor consume more fuel after the tuning?

Your tractor will consume a little less fuel assumed your operating mode is the same. However, if you use the additional power to reduce the rotational speed, then the fuel consumption will decline. The feedback of practical applications has shown that 10 to 20% fuel savings are realistic with the help of the Ilgenfritz-Electronics optimizations.

Does my tractor produce more soot after the optimization?

The Ilgenfritz-Electronics high-end rail injector tuning is perfectly harmonized and therefore does not increase the soot emission or the black smoke. Our developers are always trying to develop a perfect, praxis oriented product and to continuously improve the product. Pure rail pressure tuning systems (including the fully digital systems) have a tendency to produce the infamous "startup soot".