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Engine tuning high end

Rail - injektor - tuningkits

An outstanding result can only be achieved by an optimal adaptation of the injection. Therefore we offer tuning kits for almost any engine, which optimize the injectors and the rail pressure development.

The advantages are:

  • Fine tuning
    • our electronics control speed and load dependent
    • individual tuning in accordance with customer requirements
  • Safe optimization
    • by optimizing rail and injector or the load pressure, an optimum increase of power is achieved without overloading any component.
    • our electronics become active only if the power is required, i.e. in partial load range up to full load range and depending on the settings·    
  • Extreme
    • extreme power increases are possible with our electronics. For example, we can increase a John Deere 6620 up to 218 PS at the power take-off.
  • Simple
    • we only use original plug connections. This means that the installation can be done easily and in a short time.
    • the removal of the electronics leaves nothing behind
    • our tunings kits do not interfere with existing vehicle parts
  • Fast
    • on request, we delivered within 24 hours

We tune all parameters on the test stand. For a clean combustion and an effective performance increase, it is not adequate to only change one value, e.g. the rail pressure.

AgroSystem achieves its performance increase through the optimization of the injection and the rail pressure progression depending on the rotary speed of the load. Data from the tractor sensors are analyzed in AgroSystem and are used for the consumption optimization.

We refer to §10 of our T&C for information about the consequences and risks of chip tuning.

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