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Software optimization

Software adaptation in the engine control unit

An outstanding result can only be achieved by an optimal adaptation of the injection. We optimize all electronically injected engines also in the engine control box. Individual adjustments of your application area permit an efficient and cost effective operation of your machines. This reduces the fuel consumption while providing the same engine output and speed.

The advantages are:

  • Diagnosis interface
    Modern tools make it possible to perform almost all optimizations without opening the control unit. This can even be performed in the vehicle via the diagnosis interface.
  • Vehicle type
    We optimize many vehicles (tractors, trucks motor cars, etc.) Please ask us about your vehicle. We would be pleased to provide information and find the idea optimization solution for you!


  • Warranty and insurance
    We provide a 24 months warranty for the software provided by us. In addition, we offer an optional supplementary insurance for engine an power train.
  • Registration
    The new power of your car/your machine can be entered into the vehicle registration. An acceptance certificate by TÜV guarantees that the implemented changes are permitted.

We tune all parameters on the test stand. For clean combustion and an effective performance increase, it is not adequate to only change one value, e.g. the rail pressure.

Special solutions such as the permanent switch off of the exhaust gas recirculation AGR or EGR are possible!

 Summary of your advantages:

  • More individually adjustable parameters
  • The control unit must not be opened
  • Completely invisible from the outside
  • No additional electronics unit required
  • First class support directly from the manufacturer


We refer to §10 of our T&C for information about the consequences and risks of chip tuning.

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Order number: 5010000
Eco-tuning tractors Software Tuning optimization
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Eco-tuning harvester Software Tuning optimization
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Power- eco tuning

Power- eco tuning

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Power- eco tuning Software Tuning optimization
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Power- eco tuning Software Tuning optimization
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