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Stanadyne DE10 Tuning

You can increase the standard output and the torsional moment of all your vehicles, which are equipped with a Stanadyne DE 10 injection pump, by up to 30% and reduce your fuel consumption under the same load conditions by up to 20% by using the software, which was especially developed for agricultural engineering. ... The optimization is performed at Ilgenfritz-Electronics or can be done at a specialty retailer with the help of a Genius. <//span>

Individual adjustments of your application area permit an efficient and cost effective operation of your machines.

The power curve of your machine will not simply be increased or even degraded as it is the case for some "low price offerings", but it will be straightened and the torsional moment will be increased significantly for the low and the high speed ranges.

In addition, we do not support the disconnection of the tuning by somebody in the cabin, because you will experience an "explosive temperature extension" in the engine block when you add more power under full engine load, which may results in hair cracks or cylinder head damages. This will shorten the service life of your motor dramatically.

Our electronics are tested at our plant and are developed in the machine under real conditions. After the test in the machine, the electronics will be subjected to a climate and mechanical endurance test with the following result: optimal software for you and your machine!

Summary of your advantages:

  • More power without engine damage
  • Fuel consumption savings of up to 20% will be achieved
  • First class support directly from the manufacturer


We refer to ยง10 of our T&C for information about the consequences and risks of chip tuning.

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